Donderdag 4 Augustus 2022

Information low water surcharge below 1,80 m

We already informed you about the low water situation on the Rhine and the exorbitantly

increased costs in inland shipping with our newsletter of 22.07.2022.
Due to persistent drought, the Rhine level drops steadily. According to today’s forecast, a
water level of less than 1.80 m (level Duisburg-Ruhrort) is expected Sunday.
Because of this, we have to introduce further surcharge scales for low water.
In case of water level below 1.80 m please note surcharges for this low water period as
Measuring-point        Surcharge per full
Duisburg Ruhrort          20‘            40‘
1,80 m – 1,71 m      € 144,00   € 186,00
1,70 m – 1,61 m      € 204,00   € 264,00
1,60 m – 1,51 m      € 288,00   € 366,00
1,50 m – 1,41 m      € 390,00   € 486,00
The water level in Duisburg-Ruhrort at 05:00 am on departure day is subject to
Of course, we keep you informed about the development of the water levels and kindly
ask you to stay in close contact with our Customer Service Teams, since the handling of
the quantities is an increasingly difficult task. We will undertake all possible measures to
deliver maximum volume on time, but ask for your understanding that at these extremely
low water levels our capacity limits can be reached.