Vrijdag 22 April 2022

Worsening Current Situation Hinterland

We would like to inform you about the current situation in hinterland transportation. Due to

many separate reasons, the pressure to map the supply chains reasonably is increasing. The
globally disrupted supply chains and their effects have already been observed for longer time.
To handle these bookings is cost-intensive and time-consuming for all parties. The delayed
cargo opening / closing times lead to permanent rebookings and back-logs. Capacities of our
terminals and traffic modalities are limited as a result of these problems. As a result, our
colleagues have been working at their limit for a long time.
In addition, the war in Ukraine. Mainly due to this war we are confronted with a shortage of
shipping capacity. The demand for coal transports to power plants has inceased again, in fact
of high costs of gas, electricity and diesel. Furthermore, shipping capacity is being lost to the
Danube to transport grain from Ukraine. Also the low water situation on the Rhine is a further
critical topic in the inland waterway transportation. All this named reasons, costs in inland
shipping have shot up exorbitantly.
The shortage of truck capacity, challenges in the rail sector (handling of trains in the seaport,
construction sites and route closures) as well as warning strikes in the German seaports and
resulting delays, also pose additional problems for us.
All of the above reasons lead to a shortage of transport capacities. Despite all this, we promise
to keep our service at a high level.
This is only possible thanks to the great commitment of our colleagues, who go to their limits
every day.
We ask you to place orders to us as soon as possible and as completely as possible, without
any further changes, so that no possible follow-up costs arise due to changes.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your customer service