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Green, Greener, Greenest


neska reduces CO2 emissions

We continuously analyse and improve the logistics process from an environmental perspective and have a very advanced IT system that helps shippers bring down pollutant emissions. With our knowledge and logistical concepts we can reduce CO2 emissions together.


Transport by water and rail is less damaging to the environment


With smart concepts, we make sure that the share of containers currently moved by road transport are greatly reduced by optimal water and/or rail connections.


Our barges transport loads equivalent to 200 to 300 trucks carrying containers. Our trains carry a load equal to 50 to 60 trucks carrying containers.



Working digitally and responsibly


Within neska we strive for a paperless and sustainable workplace. Thus, most of our processes are conducted online and we are conscious of energy consumption.

With our well organized and plannable network you have more insight and control over your containertransports

Plannable services


What you want is always a priority, and forms the basis of our motivation.


We create a clear and transparent supply chain by exchanging continuous information with all parties involved.

Track & Trace

Information is available on all links in the chain via a pull concept.

Smart transport

neska represents the best way of transporting through a mixture of barge, rail and truck. This is to reduce the cost and CO2 emissions first and foremost.

Realistic planning

All shipments are planned within the parameters availability <==> closing

Always improving

We continuously measure KPIs, numbers, and any deviations so that our processes and services keep getting better.

neska Container Line supports various charities

Besides our daily work, we think it is important as a company to do something for our society in which we all live and work. Through joint projects, we motivate our employees to engage in voluntary social engagement.


Because of this we prefer projects in the local area. This ranges from refurbishing playgrounds to sponsoring clubs to financial support for charities. We collectively choose our next project so that the support and involvement is greatest.