Donderdag 1 April 2021

Introduction Cargo Flow Disruption Surcharge (CFDS) from April 7, 2021

In addition to the increased handling times of our barges, trains and trucks at the seaports, we are experiencing growing vessel delays for several weeks.

The consequences of the Suez Canal closure, meanwhile lifted again, are serious and massively intensify these problems.
Besides the additional administrative procedures in the processing of transport orders due to changes of vessel arrivals, these deviations have a negative impact on the capacity planning of our transport modes and terminal operations at our terminals RRT Duisburg, KCT Krefeld, DCH Düsseldorf, UCT Dormagen and CTS Cologne.
In practice, booked import containers have to be re-booked several times and due to changed Cargo Opening Times, export containers cannot be loaded as previously planned which causes many of extra re-stowing’s and even extra barge capacity needs to be hired.
So far, we have borne all the additional costs, but due to the massive current disruptions, this is no longer possible.
For the reasons stated above, we will charge a Cargo Flow Disruption Surcharge (CFDS) of EUR 10,00 per container for all transport modes from/to the seaports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven, as from shipping date April 7, 2021.
We hope that we will return to a normal, predictable processing of the transports as soon as possible and of course, will then cancel the surcharge.
Besides the drastic increase in delays of the vessels, there are also continuing delays in the handling of our barges, trains and trucks. Therefore, we would like to point out that we cannot accept any liability for costs resulting from delayed processing, such as, demurrage, detention or for missed vessel departures.
As usual, we will react flexible to all challenges and we will do our utmost to handle your orders without any delay. Our network not only includes the western seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, but also rail connections from and to the seaports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. Your well-known contact person will gladly assist for any question you may have.